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Seasonal Clothing Can Be Profitable

As winter draws in many people will be looking to compliment their wardrobes with this season’s offerings from the high street but with the recession looming shoppers will be looking to keep their spending to a minimum. Why not give them a cost effective way of getting their winter essentials by supplying cut-price clothing to keep them warm over the next few months? In this October’s product review we look at how quality unbranded clothing can be very profitable, even more so in these times of limited consumer spending.

Brand is undoubtedly very important to most shoppers – everyone wants to adorn the latest item from Diesel or All Saints but if you ask most fashionistas how many unbranded or plain items they have in their wardrobe the answer would probably surprise you. Well designed clothing doesn’t need to be plastered in a brand name, in fact to most people it’s quite appealing to wear unbranded clothing as it always leaves onlookers wondering ‘Where did they get that from?’. After all fashion is all about being individual – not wearing the same name as everyone else.

With these points in mind, for this winter, we suggest you look into selling plain cut-price winter accessories to this year’s seasonal shoppers. One  clothing wholesale supplier of this sort of product is (Register for the Wholesale Supplier Details) this season they have all sorts of appealing cheap clothing for sale on a wholesale basis  such as gloves, scarves and socks. All plainly designed and of good quality which is great low priced stock which in turn should fly out of the door readily. For this month’s case study we’ll use our recommended wholesaler’s fitted mens beanie as a sales example, here are the numbers:

Pack of 12 Beanies: £6.84 (57p per unit)

Unit Sale Price: £1.99 + Postage
Profit Per Unit: £1.42 (or £1.20 after auction fees)
Predicted Weekly Sales: 70 Units
Predicted Weekly Profit: £98.00
As you can see from the figures from selling just 10 units a day of this single product line you could make almost £100 per week! If you compliment your range with tights, socks, scarves etc.. you can easily see your weekly profit climb into the hundreds.
Still sceptical whether low priced items such as these can create enough cash for you to make the venture worthwhile? Take a look at eBay Powerseller harfordc123’s sales statistics and think again.
So follow the great example set by current retail growth leaders Primark and sell well designed plain clothing to the masses!
If you’re interested in finding the details of the wholesaler featured in this case study plus a multitude of top wholesalers from every product sector please register with us at

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