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Invest in Spring Fashion for Your Wholesale Business

Clothing is a great market to invest in if you are running a wholesale buying business. The fashion industry is worth millions in the UK and as the seasons change, so do the trends. With spring time around the corner many retailers are stocking up on floral patterns and pastel colours and you could make profits too.

Both high street retailers and online retailers stock different trends throughout the year. During winter sales of scarves, hats, leggings, coats and body warmers soar so similarly other seasons see other items of clothing sales increase. As winter has lasted for months in the UK, consumers will all be searching for brighter clothes to enjoy the slightly warmer weather.

Day dresses, pastel colour jeans, sandals, skirts, denim shirts and headbands are all popular items of clothing at the moment and can be found in most retail chains. If you have a reselling business and stock clothing these are definitely items you should be targeting. The convenience of internet shopping sees many consumers heading online for items and many also search on sites like eBay for vintage inspired clothing so selling online could boost your sales.

Contacting the right wholesale suppliers and securing this stock at a competitive price is essential and will automatically see your profits increase.

The team at Wholesale Scout know how much consumers spend on spring clothing (see our wholesale article from spring 2011) and so have already gathered a list of some of the best suppliers. Browse our wholesale clothing section to find these suppliers today!

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