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Three Reasons Why Your Wholesale Business Sales May Be Suffering

If you have an eCommerce website and have been selling wholesale products for a while, you’ll know that your website is the shop window to your business and that in order to increase sales your website needs to pull in the customers. Many consumer shop online now so it’s crucial you concentrate on your website if you are looking to gain new business. But if you are not receiving as many orders as you would like, there could be a few things your website is doing wrong. Check them out below.

Look of Website

The way your website looks is very important when it comes to attracting customers and converting sales. If your website is cluttered, has lots of text and minimal images, doesn’t have much interesting content and generally looks ‘boring’ then it’s likely a customer will log off and look somewhere else. When consumers log on to a website they need to know it’s a professional organisation and there needs to be an element of trust. If your website looks amateur, the consumer may feel you are a ‘one man band’ and therefore may not think you can fulfil their order. Even if you are running your business solo, try and invest some time on the look of your website and portray the right business message. Focus on colours, images and layout to attract more customers.

Too Difficult to Navigate

When a customer browses online for a product they want to find it quickly, read the description, find out the price and make a purchase. If any of these steps are difficult to navigate on your website, you may lose your customer before they make it to the checkout so ensure you review your website regularly to ensure it’s operating at maximum efficiency.

Check Out Issues

Investing in good shopping cart software is essential if you want to gain regular sales. If a customer shops on your website once and has issues finding or using the check out, they are not going to revisit your website so ensure this is functioning correctly.

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