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Profit from Wholesale Gym Kit and Fitness Fashion

The health and fitness industry in the UK is big business and is now worth an estimated £3.92 billion. For resellers looking to profit, this market certainly throws up some interesting money making opportunities.

A study earlier this year revealed that Brits are set to spend £2.8 billion this year to get into shape. Whether it’s paying for gym memberships, buying gym kit or investing in fitness equipment like dumbbells and barbells – consumers are willing to spend a fortune in the health and fitness arena.

One particular area that could be very profitable is fitness fashion and clothing. The average consumer in Britain is apparently set to pay £76.50 on fitness equipment this year and about £56 on gym clothing. The survey revealed earlier this year that when it comes to the gym, looking good is a big priority for consumers. This could purely be due to keeping up with fashion trends or it could be that many consumers trying to get fit feel they need to fit in by purchasing the right attire. Either way it appears that fitness fashion is a booming market.

With this in mind the team at Wholesale Scout set about looking for wholesalers specialising in gym clothing and fitness fashion. And there are a number of reliable wholesale suppliers offering bargains on both unbranded and designer clothing.

There are a variety of clothing items worth looking out for in this market but there are a few brands and styles that are very popular. Nike undoubtedly make some of the best fitness fashion items around but in recent years the spotlight has been on their range of workout trainers. The Nike Free Runs are a popular shoe for many people in the fitness industry and the introduction of Nike ID trainers also made them extra-appealing to consumers. Nike IDs allow consumers to personalise their trainers by picking unique colour designs and choosing personalised writing to go on the tongue of the shoes. But it’s not all about Nike trainers – there are lots of other popular brands including Adidas, Karrimor. Puma and Reebok.

There are a certain set of gym essentials that are guaranteed to resell well and they include trainers, training tops, sports bras, shorts and trousers. These are all essential gym kit needed by anyone that exercises regularly. It could also be worth looking at fitness accessories too like watches or GPS devices if you’re looking to specialise in reselling items from the fitness market.

The team at Wholesale Scout have scoured their contact list to find some of the best wholesale suppliers offering great trade prices and have found some impressive deals:



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price

Profit per 5 x Units

Asics Mens Turbo Ghost 3 Track Running Shoes




Nike Blazer Premium Ladies Trainers




Ladies Reebok Dance Pants




New Era Tech Gym Back Pack




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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