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Profit from Pallet Returns

Sometimes, a product just isn’t what you imagined, and has to be sent back. But someone’s disappointment can be somebody else’s good fortune.

When products like laptops and tablets are sent back to the supplier, or are last year’s end-of-line stock, they are often sold at marked-down prices; alone, or in pallets. This can be a great way to buy goods at wholesale prices and sell them on at a profit.

Everything from clothes to electronics to household goods are packaged up and sold in bulk at wholesale prices. These can then be split up and sold at a healthy profit.

Pallets are often packaged by grade – Grade A consists of high-quality, fully functional stock that may have a few cosmetic defects, and Grade B contains returns that have some kind of fault, generally minor, but that will need repairing before they can be re-sold.

The plus and minus points of purchasing these different grades is fairly obvious; you can sell products from Grade A pallets straight on most of the time, but will get less money per individual re-sale, whereas, Grade B will require more time and/or money spent repairing products before they are fit for re-sale. Of course, if you’re good at repairing products yourself ― or have a friend/contact that’s a dab-hand with electrical/technical problems ― then Grade B pallets could be far more profitable for you.

Here at WholesaleScout, our research team have been working to find the best prices from the most reliable suppliers to bring you a selection of the best deals out there right now. Here are a few examples;



Wholesale Price per Pallet

Likely Re-Sale Value

Profit per Pallet

LG Refurbished Audio Visual Electronics Pallet




Pallet of HD LCD TVs – Some Cosmetic Damage




Clearance Pallet of Furniture




Clearance Children’s Clothing Pallet




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

If you are interested in finding out more about these particular deals, while stocks last, or learning more about purchasing wholesale pallets, then please get in touch with the listed supplier or contact the WholesaleScout team for more information.

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