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Game Goes into Administration; Fill the Gap by Finding Wholesale Video Games Suppliers

The news broke this week that one of the UK’s biggest games retailers has gone into administration. Game Group, which has over 1,300 stores across the globe, has called in the administrators and one of the contributing factors is apparently the competition from online retailers. But despite this news many involved believe there is still a need for a specialist video game retailer, especially in the UK.
And why wouldn’t this be the case? It’s a multimillion pound industry that, although perhaps more popular online nowadays, still continues to grow rapidly.

Video games wholesale suppliers are still sought after regularly as there is still demand from online retailers and the general public.

Consumers buy these products and even rent them from video stores all year round. Occasions like birthdays and Christmas also make products like these a popular gift idea.

And for wholesale buyers there is still a huge profit to be made especially when selling online through sites like eBay.

In October 2011 the Wholesale Scout team proved the profits that are available when they looked into clearance wholesale video games. With games like Call of Duty and Fifa 12 growing in popularity, wholesalers can see a return of up to £169 on some orders. This return on investment is usually this high when working with the most competitive wholesale supplier.

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