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Sony PlayStation 4 Launch Date Revealed: Find Wholesale PlayStation Units

sony playstation 4 wholesale

The wait is almost over – Sony has announced the release date for its new console so there is no doubt that gamers all over the country will be searching for consoles and games during the coming months; the perfect opportunity for you to contact wholesale suppliers and start stocking up on games equipment!

The PlayStation 4 is due to be released in North America on 15 November and Europe on 29 November and it is the latest offering from Sony. The new console will have a faster processor, enhanced memory and the PlayStation 4 eye – a camera designed to enhance game play by using voice and body movements and it will also allow users to log in using facial recognition.

The Xbox One, the new console from Microsoft, is also due for release in November. There is no doubt that thousands of consumers will be heading online and to high street retailers to invest in gaming equipment including games, controls and accessories. Figures released by MCV reveal that last year consumers spent a whopping £2.9bn on games, hardware and accessories.

This is undoubtedly a very profitable market and with new console and game releases happening every year it’s an industry worth focusing on if you are a wholesale buyer.

Although the gaming industry is competitive and it is difficult to find wholesalers offering units at low prices (so you can make a healthy profit on resale) the team at Wholesale Scout have found a number of wholesalers that can provide consoles and games at below the RRP. This case study the team did last year on PlayStation 3 units shows a healthy profit of £500 per ten units sold. The team also found wholesale video games at low prices. Some clearance items are sold at half the RRP price. The games found included Call of Duty which was available at a wholesale price of £35 per unit, with a potential profit of £15 per unit.

There are a number of wholesalers within the wholesale directory offering some very competitive prices on both games and consoles. And although the latest consoles will be highly sought after, many consumers will find the price point too expensive and will be looking for older consoles and accessories. So to start your search now register here.

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