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Wholesale Profits on Board Games

Board games have been around for years and they are still popular today. Some older games can be quite valuable and so looking out for board games to resell could prove profitable.

The Wholesale Scout team saw how big profits can be made on old games, if the price is right. At a car boot sale last summer one reseller spotted a scaletrix game being sold. After some real bargaining, the reseller was able to purchase the scaletrix for £4 and a few minutes later returned to their stall to resell it for £25. This reseller was able to make a profit of £21 in only a few minutes so it proves just how much money can be made if you spot the right game at the right price.

There are a variety of games being sold in high street retailers and online and if you hunt around you can find some bargains. New games that are popular include Articulate, Who’s In the Bag and Cranium but older games are where the real profits can be made. Frustration, Mouse Trap, Monopoly, Atmosphere, Operation and Ker-Plunk are just a few titles that are popular with consumers.

A quick glance at eBay and Amazon can reveal some of the prices these games can be sold for. We’ve seen Mouse Trap being sold for £20 and Ker-Plunk being sold for £12. A lot of these games are seen as junk by many consumers and you will probably find them for under £2 in most car boot sales.

It may take a few repeat visits to car boot sales to spot a bargain but it should be worth it in the end! You can also find board games from some wholesalers – check our wholesale directory for wholesalers now.
Mouse Trap

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