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Buy DVDs and Books at Wholesale Prices

Consumers buy DVDs and books all year round and so this is a market that could see you making some regular sales if you are a wholesale buyer.

Worldwide spending on DVDs was up to $23.7bn last year which shows just how big this market is. Although spending on the cinema has increased and subscription sites like Netflix and Love Film are becoming more popular, consumers still spend out on DVDs – especially Blu Ray.

There are a variety of DVDs to source and one glance at retailers will show you what ones are selling well. High street stores like HMV still sell DVDs and the most popular ones are usually located at the front of the store or in the chart section. Although sales are still made on the high street the majority of DVD sales are now online. So for wholesale buyers this is great news – as many consumers will head online to sites like eBay and Amazon to find bargains.

The Wholesale Scout team have a list of wholesalers specialising in DVDs and they can offer items at well below the RRP, giving you the opportunity to make a profit on resale.

Books can be found on the high street and online too and as well as investing in standard books, you could source e-readers. E-readers like the Kindle and Kobo are becoming more and more popular as people take to downloading books online. Whether you want to find standard paperback or hardback books or you want to find e-reader units at low prices browse the wholesale directory now.

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