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Brand Spotlight: Decathlon

Decathlon Brand Spotlight

Decathlon is a French chain of sporting goods stores. Started in Lille, France in 1976, the company now has super-stores in over 23 countries, including; Brazil, China, Poland, Italy and India to name a few.

The brand sells a huge range of sporting goods for a wide range of activities, which includes; Racket Sports, Fishing, Horse Riding, Dance, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Running, Swimming, Skiing, Hunting, Mountain Biking, Water Sports, Mountaineering, and many, many more.

As well as supplying a wide range of sporting equipment, they also offer a range of in-store services, such as; Sporting goods customization and Cycle, Ski, Snowboard and Tennis maintenance and repair.

Due to the low prices and convenience of a huge range of products being under one roof, it’s no wonder Decathlon leads the way in the market and out-performs all major competitors year on year.

In recent years, especially after the London 2012 Olympics, the popularity of Cycling, Running and Swimming in particular has gone through the roof. More and more people are taking up these challenging sports, either to further their sporting abilities and achievements, or just as a great way to get fit and have fun. This means that the demand for sports equipment and accessories is also growing rapidly, making it a great market to venture into.

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