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wholesale walking equipment

Walking is a popular hobby for many people in the UK and as the good weather continues to hit most parts of the country, this could be a market worth exploring for your wholesale business.

Over nine million adults walk for more than half an hour every four weeks as part of their general exercise, according to a survey. That’s more than the number of people who cycle, swim or go to the gym. The survey also revealed that 70% of domestic tourist trips and holidays involve some form of walking. So whether it’s finding a walking holiday to go on or simply walking outdoors for exercise – walking is a very popular activity.

As well as the health benefits associated with walking, many people like to walk as a hobby as it requires very little preparation and minimal spend on equipment. For walking most consumers purchase a pair of walking or hiking boots, a waterproof coat and backpack before setting off. But those that are into walking as a hobby and do it more regularly to improve their fitness will be looking for more products including GPS devices and pedometers.

If you are currently looking for stock to resale and are not sure what to invest in then contacting wholesale suppliers who can offer this equipment at low prices could be lucrative.

Ladies walking boots can bring in some healthy profits. Some boots can have a resale price of £129.99 or more, depending on the brand, and you can usually secure boots at well below this from wholesalers at trade prices. Some wholesalers can offer these products at 30-60% off the RRP.

There are a list of wholesale suppliers that can offer walking equipment and products at low prices. If you purchase these at competitive rates you can then resale online or offline and make a healthy profit. With most people enjoying this hobby throughout the year regardless of weather, walking products could be a good investment for your wholesale business.

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