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Find Wholesale Men’s Shavers

Men are spending more on more on grooming and beauty products in the UK and items topping the list include razors – a product market worth looking into if you are a wholesale buyer.

A recent survey revealed that men spend £590 a year on grooming products. Those figures probably don’t come as a surprise – the rise in male fragrances and skin care products inspired by well groomed celebrities like David Beckham show just how much this market is booming.

There are a host of products on the market for men today. Hair styling products and skincare top the selling lists though. Apparently, according to the survey, 85% of men moisturise in the UK.

But although there are a variety of products to choose from it seems one product is selling in large amounts every year and could be a profitable investment for your wholesale buying business.

According to figures, the average working UK man shaves three times a week and spends a whopping £95 a year just on razor blades. Razors and shaving accessories are one of the most lucrative products in the men’s grooming market so if you are currently considering targeting this market, shavers may be a profitable choice.

But although there is a definite demand for razors, more and more high street retail stores are stocking electric shavers. That’s because they are popular with consumers – men investing in these products save cash because electric razors don’t need multiple blades and some can last up to five years. Although some shavers are battery powered, there are a huge amount of rechargeable shavers on the market which require very little running costs.

The team at Wholesale Scout have been searching for wholesale suppliers that can supply men’s grooming kits including shavers at discounted prices, like this Phillips shaver.

There are a host of reputable wholesalers within our wholesale directory who can offer items at trade prices. Start your product search today to start boosting those sales!
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