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Back to School; Find Wholesale Children’s Clothing and Accessories

The summer holidays are over and children all over the UK will be heading back to school in the coming weeks. In terms of products, this presents some real lucrative buying opportunities for wholesale buyers looking to make profit from the back to school market.

The back to school market is very lucrative. A quick look at any high street retailer will show you just how many products there are to be purchased and just how much money can potentially be made on clothing, equipment and accessories.

The team at Wholesale Scout have spotted this potential and, as this stock is going to be extremely popular in the next few weeks, have found some wholesale suppliers offering stock at very competitive prices.

So what is popular at this time of year? Online retailers and the high street are stocking up on products like backpacks, shoes, clothes, gym kits, fashion accessories and stationery. During the next few weeks these products will be purchased and purchases will probably continue into the winter months, especially when it comes to clothing. (Winter coats are on the way into the high street so stocking up on these to resale could be a profitable choice).

The team at Wholesale Scout have been searching for some wholesale suppliers that can offer back to school goods at cheap prices, so members of the site can maximise their profit margins. And they have found some suppliers offering products at well below the RRP.

The suppliers found include stationery wholesalers and a children’s clothing wholesaler. Depending on the products you purchase, some can have a high resale price. A quick glance at some online retailers demonstrates just how expensive back to school items can be including stationery. Some branded stationery kits, like Hello Kitty and Monster’s Inc, are have an average RRP of £12.99 a unit. So contacting the suppliers within our wholesale directory and securing competitive trade prices could lead to healthy mark-ups and profit making opportunities.

But back to school won’t last long, so if you are going to invest in stock start looking now!
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