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Three Reasons You Should Use Police Auctions

Police auctions are relatively unknown to resellers but they are a great resource for finding products at cheap prices.

These auctions are organised by local constabularies all over the country as a way of selling on lost, stolen or unclaimed goods. The police may find stolen or unclaimed items during a crime investigation and so these products can be sold at auction to raise funds for local community projects.

The stock can vary widely but you can find a number of deals on items like iPads, jewellery and clothing. If you’re still not sure whether to invest your time in police auctions look at these three reasons why you should use them.

Find Great Deals

When it comes to reselling, you need to find stock at the lowest possible price in order to sell it on for a healthy profit margin. Police auctions are a great place to search for stock at low prices. At a previous police auction a lawn mower, worth £50, was sold for £9.50 so you should be able to find stock at very cheap prices.

No Competition

As police auctions are not that well known, you should be able to avoid stiff competition when it comes to bidding for stock. When using sites like eBay you’ll obviously know that bidding can be tough and very competitive which is not only time consuming, but it can lead to you losing out on some bargain deals. You shouldn’t find this at auction – so you can take a more leisurely approach to bidding and you should be able to secure stock at well below the RRP.


Not sure what stock you want to sell? Need some ideas for new products? Then police auctions are worth visiting because at each auction the stock is completely different. One week you may find a variety of electronics on offer and the next you may be looking at motor vehicles. If you’re looking for random items to stock then it’s worth investing some time into visiting auction houses.

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