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Invest in Wholesale Video Games

The gaming industry is booming in the UK so why not get your cut of this market by contacting wholesale video game suppliers?

Video games are worth an estimated £5bn in the UK every year, with millions of consumers spending out on the latest games and consoles. High street retailers stock their shelves with the latest games and online retailers offer some of the latest titles too. Sales of video games seem to boost at certain times of the year as many consumers purchase them as a gift idea. But sales are high throughout the entire year too – especially when a new title is set to be released. And with new consoles like the Xbox One and Playstation 4 being released, we’re sure to see another surge in the video games industry.

The gaming industry has changed quite dramatically in recent years. Video games on the market now offer an immersive experience to consumers – with in-depth graphics and intricate storylines, video games provide entertainment and escapism for thousands of consumers all over the UK.

A lot of consumers head online to find video games now and some also look at clearance sections too – the second hand video games market is quite popular. With so many consumers heading online to buy video games, you could boost your income by contacting wholesale suppliers and selling video games online. By targeting sites like eBay and Amazon, you could increase your profits quite quickly.

The team at Wholesale Scout have found some top titles and games that should prove popular and with some of these wholesalers offering a mark-up of 20% on some games, you should be able to make some healthy profits. Titles we’ve found include Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero and Mario Kart.

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