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Prepare Your Wholesale Business for New Video Games

wholesale video games

A batch of new and popular video games are about to be released so it’s the perfect time to stock up on wholesale video games and get ready to boost your sales.

Figures suggest that the video games industry in the UK is worth £5bn so it’s a very lucrative market which, as a wholesale buyer, you can have a slice of. Finding wholesale suppliers specialising in video games should help you find some of the most popular titles around at low prices and should see you making a healthy profit on resale. And with some of the biggest titles about to be released, now is the perfect time to start finding wholesalers.

Fifa is one of the most popular video games around for both the PlayStation and Xbox and the latest version, Fifa 14, is set for release in the UK later this month. Featuring some of the best football clubs in the world, Fifa enables users to play out their football dreams – combining some of the best clubs and best players with intricate game play and vivid graphics. The Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Legends list has also been revealed ahead of the games release which has seen consumers getting even more excited for the game as it features some big names including Pele and Maldini.

But although millions of consumers will be searching for the latest game, many consumers will be looking for offers on older versions of the game including Fifa 13. This game is still selling on sites like eBay and Amazon for £19.99 and with some wholesalers offering units at far below the RRP, there are plenty of profit making opportunities.

Other titles set for release include Grand Theft Auto 5. The game lets users navigate around the fictional streets of Los Santos and it heavily involves crime, theft and violence. The new game has apparently seen a spend of £170m in development costs so should see dedicated gamers queuing up to purchase. The team at Wholesale Scout have found wholesale suppliers offering older versions of Grand Theft Auto, which still sell well, at rock bottom prices.

Whether it’s searching for the latest title or looking at older video games, this is a market worth investing in during the next few weeks as sales are set to soar. Find wholesale suppliers by registering with our wholesale directory.

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