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Prepare Your Reselling Business for Bank Holidays

Bank holidays are approaching in the UK, with some scheduled for May and August. Bank holidays are typically very busy for retailers as consumers all over the country take time off to enjoy the holidays. So what type of products can be popular over a bank holiday weekend? Here are some ideas of stock that could be worth investing in:


Clothing is popular all year round so its popularity is not going to change during a bank holiday. With more time to hit the shops and browse the net, consumers will no doubt increase their shopping activity and look for clothing items to wear during the summer months. Whether it’s the bank holiday in spring or summer, clothing items that are likely to be popular include dresses, t-shirts, shorts, flip flops and holiday attire. Whether you are a large reseller or you resell in your spare time, finding clothing wholesale suppliers and reselling online or in a market stall should see you enjoy steady sales during the bank holiday season.


Accessories are like clothing – they are popular all year round and tend to change with the seasons. Popular accessories at this time of year include sunglasses, handbags, beach bags, jewellery and hats. If you can find these at well below their RRP you could make some profits this summer.

Gaming and DVD Products

As more and more consumers choose to stay at home during holiday time for budget reasons, the gaming market and DVD market could well boom during the bank holiday season. DVDs and video games provide cheap entertainment and they are a fast paced market – with consumers investing thousands every year on new titles. The Wholesale Scout team have found a number of wholesalers that can supply wholesale games and wholesale DVDs at cheap prices.

Whatever you invest in, ensure you get your products for resell in plenty of time for the bank holidays and hopefully you should see both your sales and profits increase.

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