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Fitness fashion items can be found all over the high street, which suggests it’s a popular market. For wholesale buyers looking to increase their profits, finding wholesalers of fitness fashion items could be a lucrative move.

The health and fitness industry is worth over £3.9 billion in the UK and that figure keeps getting bigger. It’s no surprise as thousands of consumers spend hundreds of pounds every month in an effort to get fit and beat the bulge. Whether it’s investing in home gym equipment, running shoes or gym memberships – consumers spend a hefty amount of cash on this industry every year.

For resellers, big or small, this is potentially a profitable market to be a part of. One of the biggest investments consumers make when it comes to the fitness industry is clothing. Fitness clothing and accessories have evolved in recent years – consumers don’t just purchase the cheapest gym kit anymore. Most regular gym go-ers invest in high-end sports gear, top of the range brands and the latest gadgets to stay on trend. Fitness fashion items that are popular include trainers. Everyone needs them and a lot of consumers now purchase designer brands like Nike, Reebok and Karrimor. Our recent case study on Adidas trainers and clothing showed just what profits could be made – with one wholesaler offering Adidas trainers for £13.50 a unit with a likely resale price of £45.

There are a host of other clothing items to invest in including sports bras, tops, trousers, socks and gym bags.
Other fitness fashion items that sell well in retailers include headphones, backpacks, sweat bands, water bottles, MP3 players, home gym equipment and watches.

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