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Wholesale Tips: How to Make Shopping Simple for Your Customers

Mobile brand 02 has announced today the launch of a new app that will enable consumers to transfer up to £500 via text message.
The revolution comes as more and more consumers look to purchase goods online and on the move. Whether it’s clothes, books, DVDs or food – it seems online retailers are leading the way.

The new mobile wallet app will make shopping easier at it will digitise debit card details. Users who have a near-field communication chip phone will also be able to make contactless payments in stores.

The evolution of the mobile wallet highlights the need for speed from consumers. In the current digital age, many people want things instantly at the most competitive prices. So when running your wholesale business you should take this into consideration too as it will help you to boost sales.

If you are selling online on sites like eBay, these will soon be accessed more via mobile wallets so you need to make your products as easy to purchase as possible. Here are some tips:

Payment Options

Offering a variety of payment options is a good idea if you want to boost your sales. Most customers will use debit or credit card details but consider using PayPal and other methods.


Offer a range of delivery options including a fast service. Customers using the internet don’t usually want to wait for their products so as well as offering a cheap delivery service you should offer a fast track one too.

Product Descriptions

Label up your products well and use keywords to attract customers. If you don’t, it will be harder for a consumer to find your product in a search. So consider this whenever you are writing a product description.

Special Offers

People are drawn to special offers and want to know they are getting the best deal. So regularly review your online products and ensure you are keeping up with the competition.

Easy to Read

A lot of this does depend on the site you are using to sell the product. For instance, if a site you use is not mobile friendly, you can add as much product description as you like but the information and visibility will probably still be poor. To counteract this ensure you do your research on where you intend to place the products and ensure they are mobile and Smartphone friendly. If you have your own e-Commerce site you should do the same and ensure you test it regularly.

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