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E-book Sales in the UK Grow; Wholesale Buyers Can Profit from Finding E-readers

Recent figures show that E-book sales in the UK continue to grow. E-book sales increased by 54% during 2011 and digital book downloads equated to 8% of total book sales during last year.

E-books are downloaded via an E-reader, an electronic device which allows users to download books and content and read via a computer-like screen. There are a variety of manufacturers that specialise in this, most noticeably Amazon with the Amazon Kindle. But tablet computers like the iPad also allow users to read and purchase books.

The rise in popularity of products like E-readers and tablet computers have probably contributed to the booming sales figures of digital books, as more and more people like to read and browse the web while on the move.

The rise of E-book downloads and E-reader purchases could also be down to storage space and multiple downloads. If a consumer is travelling, an E-reader needs very little space for storage as opposed to a paper or hard back. And if they want the latest book they can download it within a click of a button.

Wholesale buyers should tap into the success of this industry by sourcing E-reader units. The team at Wholesale Scout recently compiled a list of wholesale tablet computers which can be used or buyers can browse the wholesale directory for supplier details of dedicated units. Either way, as the design of these products is constantly being updated, their popularity doesn’t look set to falter.

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