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Tablet Computers – There is More to the Tablet Market than the iPad

Tablet computers currently form the fastest growing electronics market sector with a recent study by Deloitte which found that 13% of UK consumers plan to buy a tablet computer within the next year – the same amount that plan to buy a new television! So as tablets become a mainstay in the array of household electricals in the average UK abode it is only natural that the savvy wholesale buyer may look to cut themselves a slice of this market.

Further research into this industry sector by the Wholesale Scout research team revealed that Apple’s grip on this market with their iPad was loosening, their large share of the tablet computer sales shrinking to around 50% toward the end of 2011. Many of our users know that due to Apple’s strict wholesale supply strategies it can be difficult to buy iPad’s cheaply enough to make a profit when they’re re-sold. However the industry figures we’ve uncovered show that there is tablet life outside of the iPad and our research team have found several well respected and profitable wholesale alternatives.

Check out the profits on this;



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price Per Unit

Profit per Order

MS009 7inch Android Mini Tablet (Pack of 6)

$331 USD

(£204 @ current exchange rates)



(after import duty)

Cube U9GT 2 8GB Android 4.03 Tablet (Pack of 2)

$225 USD

(£139 @ current exchange rates)



(after import duty)

FlyTouch V 10.2 Inch Android 4.03 4GB Superpad (Pack of 6)

$780 USD

(£480 @ current exchange rates)



(after import duty)

If you’ve been thinking about buying wholesale tablet computers for a while but couldn’t purchase enough iPads to make re-sale a profitable option – why bother? In a growing market there’s plenty of demand for these alternative demands that are quickly building a good reputation for quality and affordability. Subscribe with us and profit from wholesale tablet deals today.

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