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Profit on eBay by Buying Wholesale Apple iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone has proved to be something of a phenomenon over the last few years where it has become common place for there to be hoards of Apple fans queuing outside stores hankering after the chance to get their hands on a new iPhone. So much demand is created by Apple’s clever marketing that at the recent release of the new Apple iPhone 4S in Beijing an Apple store was egged by customers disgruntled that the store had to cancel the launch of the phone due to the size of the crowd that was building! When such furore is created around a product it gives rise to opportunities for wholesale buyers to profit if they can find a reliable wholesale supplier.

With this in mind the WholesaleScout research team set to work finding a supplier for unlocked Apple iPhones that could sell them at a low enough price for our users to make a healthy profit when re-sold at even the most competitive of market places such as eBay. This is no easy feat nowadays as eBay is probably the most competitive marketplace on earth with thousands of sellers all competing to beat each other on price and service to achieve those all important sales. However with the help of our research team’s extensive contacts WholesaleScout has found its members a supplier that has the Apple iPhone 4 16GB in stock and unlocked at a whopping £60 below the average sale price of this phone on eBay – meaning our users are making a healthy profit with each sale!



Wholesale Unit Price

eBay Re-Sale Price

Profit per Minimum Order of 25 Pieces

Apple iPhone 4 16GB – Black / White – Unlocked




With this stock achieving over £1,400 in profit per order it is moving out of the wholesaler’s hands very quickly so act now and get in touch with our recommended supplier to secure these wholesale Apple iPhone 4 16GB unlocked handsets.

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