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Apple iPhone 5 Released

The wait is finally over. After weeks and weeks of gossip the Apple iPhone 5 has finally been announced and thousands of consumers have already pre-ordered the latest model.

There have been some noticeable updates to the new model when compared to the 4S. Firstly the screen size has been increased to allow for an extra row of apps, making the handset four inches tall instead of three.

The handset has been made lighter, now weighing in at 112g, and it’s also received a bit of liposuction too. It’s 18% thinner than its predecessor. Other upgrades on the model include an aluminium back, a new processor, a smaller iPhone connector and new headphones called EarPods.

There is no doubt that the iPhone is the market leader when it comes to Smartphones, despite some fierce competition from Samsung. Therefore we know that people will be rushing into high street stores and online retailers to purchase the latest handset.

For wholesale buyers it’s crucial to keep an eye out for wholesale suppliers – as during the coming months there are definite profits to be had. We have a host of iPhone suppliers listed on the site so get browsing.

Tip: With Christmas approaching there are sure to be consumers selling off their old Apple iPhone to make way for the new and improved model. But the 4S and other models are still very popular with consumers and can definitely be sold with a healthy profit margin. Keep an eye on sites like eBay during the festive season to re-stock.

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