Cash in With iPod, iPad & iPhone Speaker Docks

Ever since the smart phone revolution there has been an ever increasing amount of devices that can play musical content. As these devices are usually compact their speakers are generally pretty poor and hence have given opportunity for the rise of a plethora of docking stations which not only pump out music at an increased level they also charge up your device. It’s this ever popular sector we’re looking into for this month’s case study.

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Profit on eBay by Buying Wholesale Apple iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone has proved to be something of a phenomenon over the last few years where it has become common place for there to be hoards of Apple fans queuing outside stores hankering after the chance to get their hands on a new iPhone. So much demand is created by Apple’s clever marketing that at the recent release of the new Apple iPhone 4S in Beijing an Apple store was egged by customers disgruntled that the store had to cancel the launch of the phone due to the size of the crowd that was building! When such furore is created around a product it gives rise to opportunities for wholesale buyers to profit if they can find a reliable wholesale supplier.

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The Apple iPhone seems to be by far the most popular product amongst would-be retailers at present and this has been the case for the past year or so. It is so popular that requests for Apple iPhone suppliers are made by almost 30% of the WholesaleScout user base. The iPhone’s popularity in the wholesale community is well deserved and on the most part is driven by the huge demand for the phone from the retail sector. This particular smartphone now accounts for around 18% of new handsets sold to mobile phone users in the UK and its market share is still growing.

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The next popular accessory? iPhoned it

With the recent release of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 3GS the wholesale industry is about to experience a surge of interest in iPhone accessories.

The brand new iPhone 3GS is not the only handset set for a high sales volume in the coming month. The knock on effect that its presence will have on the price of previous iPhone iterations means that the market will be flooded with Apple mobile phones of all generations. Therefore, this is an incredible time to start wholesaling iPhone accessories.

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