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The next popular accessory? iPhoned it

With the recent release of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 3GS the wholesale industry is about to experience a surge of interest in iPhone accessories.

The brand new iPhone 3GS is not the only handset set for a high sales volume in the coming month. The knock on effect that its presence will have on the price of previous iPhone iterations means that the market will be flooded with Apple mobile phones of all generations. Therefore, this is an incredible time to start wholesaling iPhone accessories.

The flagship company in the iPhone accessory market is Belkin; a Californian based outfit established in 1983. Their products include a huge array of connectivity devices, mobile cases and other phone related gadgetry.

Their product line contains the most popular iPhone cases and accessories. 


Wholesale Price



Belkin Sport Case Armband For iPhone 3G S / 3G


Between £7 – 10

Depending on order quantity.

Between £15 – 20

50 – 182%

Belkin TuneCast Auto 4 For iPhone 3G S / 3G / iPod


Between £18 – 30

Depending on order quantity.

Between £35 – 50

17 – 180%

Belkin iPhone 3G MicroGrip Case


Between £3– 5

Depending on order quantity.

Between £6 – 10

20 – 100%

Belkin BodyGuard Cinema Case With Durable KickStand For iPhone 3G S / 3G


Between £8 – 19

Depending on order quantity.

Between £15 – 25

32 – 212%

The main UK distributors for Belkin products are listed below. Please be advised that their criteria for becoming an account holder may be quite stringent and minimum order quantities could be high.

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