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Cash in With iPod, iPad & iPhone Speaker Docks

Ever since the smart phone revolution there has been an ever increasing amount of devices that can play musical content. As these devices are usually compact their speakers are generally pretty poor and hence have given opportunity for the rise of a plethora of docking stations which not only pump out music at an increased level they also charge up your device. It’s this ever popular sector we’re looking into for this month’s case study.

Docking stations have been popular since the release of the first iPod back in 2001 and now with more portable devices than ever in households across the UK this is an item that’s bound to sell well from the outset. This month the WholesaleScout research team set about looking at the value end of this market as these are the brands that sell most readily and offer the best deal for retail customers and we all know a happy customer makes for good business.

After much probing online and a few phone calls our research team unearthed a reliable wholesale supplier of consumer electronics that had a range of docking stations and speaker systems not only for the iPhone and iPod but for the iPad as well. Here’s what this supplier can offer in this sector and what you can expect to make on re-sale;



Wholesale Price per Unit

Likely Re-Sale Price Per Unit

Profit per 5 Units

Intempo Perform Motorised iPod Speaker Dock with Radio & Alarm




Logic3 iStation Podium Speaker Dock for iPad




iBox Egg Mini Speaker for iPhones




Logic3 iStation Rotate for iPod and iPhones




*All prices correct at the time of writing.

As you can see from these featured products that mark ups of up to 100% are realistically achievable when using this wholesaler so if you’re looking to get into this popular niche sector of the electronics market get in touch with our recommended supplier today!

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