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Why Sourcing Smartphones is Smart for Your Wholesale Business

Although there can be a lot of competition out there from other resellers, concentrating on sales of Smartphones could help you to boost business.

Today marks the 40th birthday of the mobile phone. It’s hard to believe a world without the gadget now but there was a time where mobile phones didn’t exist. In 1973 the technology was developed and the first mobile phone call was made by an engineer at Motorola. A decade later the company launched their first consumer mobile phone.

Mobile phones have revolutionised the way both consumers and businesses interact with each other. To contact someone before the introduction of this technology consumers had to use a landline or a phone box and turn up on time for meetings. But when the mobile phone was released people could contact each other regardless of location. And the constant development of this technology has now led to even more possibilities.

Smartphones continue to push the boundaries of technology and what consumers can do with it. Smartphones are now much more than a device to make phone calls with. People carry their address book, contacts, diary, social networking sites and business with them all in one handset.

And it seems most people can’t do without a phone – a report by Ofcom revealed that 27% of adults in the UK own a Smartphone and 47% of teenagers.

So can you ignore such a popular product? Although there is competition from other resellers, this is a definite market to invest in. With the latest handsets almost breaking the bank, many consumers search online for Smartphones and many look for older handsets.

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