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iPhone 5 Set to Launch

Rumours have been circling the internet on the upcoming release of the iPhone 5.

It’s thought the release date for the latest model will be September 12 and consumers all over the country are already biting their nails in anticipation.

The Apple iPhone brand has been hugely popular across the world and still continues to occupy a large portion of the UK market.

Figures show that a third of all mobile phones sold in the UK are either Apple or Samsung, and Apple phones currently occupy 19% of the UK market.
And the iPhone 5 looks set to be just as popular as its predecessors. Enhancements include a smaller dock connector, bigger screen and a metallic backing plate.

With this in mind, wholesale buyers should look at sourcing Apple products. Although the new model is sure to sell quickly, there is still huge demand for other Apple iPhone models including the iPhone 4.

Wholesale buyers, no matter their size, should look at sourcing wholesale suppliers to boost sales in the lead up to the iPhone 5 release.

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