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Why Buying Designer Merchandise Can Be Lucrative for Your Wholesale Business

No matter what type of reselling business you have, you are sure to have come across designer and high-end products during conversations with wholesale suppliers. Almost every market (food, jewellery, fashion, gardening etc) has designer brands in it and these can be very popular with consumers. Although sourcing designer items can be more expensive than you anticipate, it can also be a good way of boosting sales. Here’s why stocking designer goods could be lucrative for your business.

Consumer Trust

Consumers trust brands they know and that includes designer items. If a consumer sees a designer label on an item it automatically instils a feeling of trust. Designer brands are well known for a reason – the consumer will trust that the product is durable and reliable. Gaining consumer trust in your products is a definite way of boosting sales and so designer items can help to increase business.

Trend Setting

Designer items are very popular with consumers because, quite often, they are ‘on trend’ or in fashion. Many consumers admit to wanting the latest branded item because it makes them feel fashionable. For this simple reason it’s a good idea to have at least a few branded items on offer.


Although you will undoubtedly have consumers looking for the cheapest product, many consumers (especially male) look for branded items as they know they provide the best quality. Whether it’s designer sunglasses, designer clothing or high-end food products – consumers will purchase these because they are guaranteed quality.

Competitive Prices

Consumers often look online for designer items as usually a better bargain can be had. With high street stores supplying these products at expensive prices consumers often look to resellers for competitive prices. If you secure the right wholesale supplier you can order these items in at a good price and still make a healthy profit.

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