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How to Improve Your Market Stall Business

If you are running a wholesale business from a market stall, check out these tips below to help you maximise your sales!


One of the easiest ways to get more people to your stall is by using good signage. If you haven’t invested in clear signs or labels on your products, consumers may not want to ask for details and therefore may leave your stall quite quickly. But if you have large and clear signage detailing your offers and products people will be drawn to your pitch. You then need to ensure all of your products are labelled with a short description and price. The easier you make it for a customer to find a product they want and to find the price, the more likely you are to secure a sale.

Be Vocal

You have probably seen other resellers at a market place shouting out their products and deals. This is a definite way to drum up business to your site and to ensure your customers know what you are selling. When you have a good deal to shout about ensure you use a microphone or headset to speak out to potential customers. This can also help to build rapport as you may get some customers asking you questions about the products and pricing.

Have Deals

Most people like to buy products from a market stall for two reasons. One is that they are normally locally sourced and another is that they are cheaper than the high street! One of the most effective ways to increase business is by having offers and bargains on your products! Slash your prices every so often to draw customers in and then try to up-sale.

Have Variety

Consumers visit market stalls for a number of products including food, jewellery, electrical items and decorative items. If you have variety on your stall you should keep customers there longer as there will be more to browse through so consider stocking up on a variety of products.

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