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Sunglasses are about to get more popular in the UK as more and more consumers are set to head abroad this Easter.

Although summertime is apparently almost here in the UK, many Brits are heading to warmer shores and going on holiday. One of the most popular items to take abroad, as well as other holiday essentials, is sunglasses. The sunglasses industry in the UK is worth almost £115 million.

Sunglasses are an essential holiday item. Consumers wear them to help with protection from UV rays but they are also a popular fashion accessory. A study last year by Mintel revealed that 40% of Brits think stylish sunglasses make them look fashionable. There is a demand for both high street brands and high-end brands too. The survey revealed that the average consumer looks to pay around £30 for a pair of sunglasses. The team at Wholesale Scout have found a wholesale supplier that can offer sunglasses at competitive prices, similar to the high street. Stocking up on items before the summer and selling them online could help to boost your profits.

But as well as high street sunglasses, there is a definite interest in designer brands in the UK. The study last year also revealed that one in ten men will spend £100 on designer sunglasses – favouring quality and status over their cheaper counterparts. There are designer sunglass wholesalers listed on the Wholesale Scout website too. To find these suppliers register now.

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