Profitable Case Studies Finds a Wholesaler for Refurbished Apple iPhones

The Apple iPhone seems to be by far the most popular product amongst would-be retailers at present and this has been the case for the past year or so. It is so popular that requests for Apple iPhone suppliers are made by almost 30% of the WholesaleScout user base. The iPhone’s popularity in the wholesale community is well deserved and on the most part is driven by the huge demand for the phone from the retail sector. This particular smartphone now accounts for around 18% of new handsets sold to mobile phone users in the UK and its market share is still growing.

Unfortunately the demand for the Apple iPhone’s amongst traders has meant that the market is saturated with traders selling the phones at very low prices in a continuing vicious cycle to under-cut their competitors. This is compounded by Apple’s strict supply and distribution regulations meaning that the only way a trader can purchase these mobile phones is via an official distributor. These points result in a continual search by would-be traders, and consequently our research team, for cheaper wholesalers of Apple iPhones.

It is with finding the cheapest suppliers of wholesale iPhones in mind that our research team has found a supplier that can offer a range of new and refurbished iPhones at competitive trade prices. Here are the details for their latest trade batch of refurbished Apple iPhones:


Wholesale Price

Re-Sale Price

Potential Profit per Unit

Refurbished Apple iPhone 8GB 3G on O2




Refurbished Apple iPhone 8GB 3GS Black on Orange




Refurbished Apple iPhone 16GB 3GS on Orange




Refurbished Apple iPhone 32GB 3GS on Orange




Refurbished Apple iPhone 4 16GB on Orange

£415 (for 5 or more)



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