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Wholesale Microsoft Xbox Live Points, Subscriptions and Gaming Cards

As most wholesale traders will know the games console market is a forever expanding hot bed for sales and innovation in the consumer electronics industry sector. With new consoles and games being released every month it’s a market which works hard to continually encourage buyers to part with their hard-earned cash in return for their next gaming fix.

With the improvement in internet and console technology new revenue sources have been uncovered for the gaming sector to capitalise on with each modern console now offering a world-wide gaming network for its users which is provided in return for ‘credits’ purchased to access said network. The invention of this system was great news for the manufacturers and trade re-sellers alike as it meant that they were able to achieve repeat sales to customers looking to buy further access to the respective gaming network.

One of the consoles to make this system work most prominently has been the Microsoft XBox 360 with over 50 million units sold worldwide there has been no shortage of demand by gamers to use their Xbox Live worldwide gaming network, as yearly sales figures for the computing giant on this product are estimated to be in the region of $1 billion – can you afford not to be sourcing XBox Live Memberships wholesale?
This is a question many of our members have considered and as a result of continued interest in this product sector by re-sellers our research team contacted one of our recommended suppliers for pricing details on XBox Live wholesale products and we have looked at the potential profit returns our users could make in this sector.



Wholesale Price (Exc. VAT)


Potential Profit per Order (MOQ 5 Units)

XBox Live Gold Subscription 12 Months (Worldwide)

$43.50 / £27



XBox Live Subscription 3 Months (Worldwide)

$18.50 / £11.45



XBox Live Subscription 48 Hour (Worldwide)

$1.50 / £0.93



XBox Live Points (EU) 4200




XBox Live Points (EU) 2100




XBox Live Points (EU)




All prices and currency conversions correct at the time of publishing.

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