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Profits to be made in the run up to Party Season!

As a pro-active re-seller we’re sure you have already been thinking about which products to stock during the retail sector’s busiest time of year – as much as 40% of consumer retail expenditure occurs over and during the build up to the festive season. The research team at are dedicated to ensuring its members do not miss out on the profit making opportunities this season brings to traders and shop owners alike. With this in mind we have found another profitable festive product which will make you a handsome profit in the coming months.

As the costs of going out to eat, drink and party continue to rise the popularity of entertaining friends and family, for the average home-owner, has increased. More and more people are inviting their piers around for dinner, drinks and barbecues than ever before with the DIY sector seeing a large increase in sales in this product sector in comparison with recent years. To help you capitalise on this opportunity we has found you the perfect product at a very profitable re-sale price – the very popular mid-range wooden framed gazebo.

These items were a major hit for retail giants such as Argos and B&Q over the summer. This fact coupled by the inclement weather us Brits seem to experience throughout the year has resulted in every home-owner looking for a solution which allows them to entertain a large number of people outside whatever the weather – this is their solution. Now, we know what you’re thinking, summer’s over – why stock a product like this? These products aren’t strictly for summer use, they provide great shelter for autumn garden parties, Halloween and fire-works night not to mention giving shelter to smokers forced outside by the rest of the family during get togethers. To conclude our research and back-up our theory that this item is not a one-season-wonder we looked at a few eBay sellers stocking similar items and were pleasantly surprised to see that some sellers are shifting around 5 units a day – with a profit per unit of over £30 we’d say that’s pretty good going! So don’t hang around as this wholesaler won’t have the stock for long. Be sure to profit from this month’s case study!  Here are the details

RRP: £199/Unit

Our Supplier: Price £60/Unit

Estimated Sale Price: £99.99/Unit

Profit: £39.99/Unit

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