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It’s party time in the UK. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner there are set to be thousands of parties happening all over the country. To get your wholesale business ready and to boost sales during this time, it’s vital to find wholesale suppliers offering goods that consumers will look for. Here are some products that will be on sale throughout the holiday period and could see your profits boost.

Home Decor

Many consumers will be looking for home decor products to decorate their homes for the party season. Ornaments, lights and candles are just a few of the products that are popular during the festive break. Find wholesale suppliers by browsing through the site.

Christmas Decorations

Whether it’s decorating the tree, decorating the house, wrapping presents or decorating outdoors – at this time of year Christmas decorations are in demand. One glance at the high street will demonstrate just how popular Christmas decorations are – thousands of retailers are stocking all types of yuletide decorations. Lights, tinsel, wrapping paper and baubles are just some of the items you should be stocking if you want to be busy at this time of year.


With consumers hosting parties and attending parties there will be considerable demand for alcohol – you can find some great deals on drinks brands with these wholesalers.


Sausage rolls, mince pies, chocolate, shortbread…the list of food bought at this time of year is very long! Some wholesalers can offer very reasonable trade prices on these products too so you should be able to secure a healthy return on investment.


Clothing wholesalers could be worth contacting as party outfits are very easy to resell during the holiday season. Dresses, suits, shoes and jewellery are just some of the products to look out for.

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