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Brand Spotlight: Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Brand Spotlight

Laura Mercier: The demure, unassuming French rival to the more brazen American beauty that is Bobbi Brown.

Established in 1996 by French Makeup artist, Laura Mercier, the brand seems to have slipped into the huge cosmetics market relatively unnoticed by most, and become a firm favourite with the luxury cosmetic-counter tribe.

From the very start, the brand’s goal was to offer ‘high- quality, natural-looking makeup for all skin tones and types’. It’s a well-known fact with all cosmetics fiends, that if you’re hunting for that ‘flawless face’ look, then Laura Mercier is the counter to head for.

With cult-classics, like the miracle-working Secret Camouflage concealer, their award-winning range of Tinted Moisturisers, and the must-have Loose Setting Powder, this chic brand never fails to impress.

And it’s not just makeup the brand is famous for; they also sell a vast array of high-performance Skincare products, a divine-smelling Body-care and Fragrance collection, and a beautifully-packaged Candle and Home-Fragrance range.

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