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Brand Spotlight: Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Brand Spotlight

King of the scented candle, ultimate home ornament, and the one product range sure to evoke at least one beloved smell-related memory, Yankee Candle has become synonymous with the huge Home Fragrance market.

Started in 1969, in South Hadley, Massachusetts, after its founder, Michael Kittredge, melted down some crayons to make a scented candle as a Christmas gift for his mother, the company has expanded over the years at a remarkable rate, and after changing hands quite a few times, has grown into one of the most recognisable and popular brands in the market, with an array of merchandise, including; candles, candle holders, reed diffusers, car fragrances, room sprays, and wall plug-ins in the current product line.

The company has over 500 stores globally, with two flagship stores; one in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, and one in Williamsburg, Virginia. The South Deerfield store – which was opened in 1989 – boasts not only a vast array of Candles and accessories, but also a toyshop, Christmas village with Santa’s workshop, Candle-making museum, and award-winning Tavern.

The most popular scents seem to be; Clean Cotton, Fresh Cut Roses, Baby Powder, Lemon Lavender, and Midnight Jasmine to name a few… But I’m sure you have your own favourite…

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