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Finding Wholesale Makeup

Wholesale makeup is profitable all year round. And the great thing about it is that there is such a variety out there for you to source.

Sourcing different types of makeup can increase profits for wholesale buyers. Stocking up on wholesale lipstick, mascara and foundation will ensure you are catering to a wider market -and with the global cosmetics and fragrance industry reportedly worth over £6billion it’s a lucrative market you shouldn’t miss out on.

Makeup is a sought after product on Britain’s high street throughout the year. Products like lip gloss, blusher and highlighter are usually in demand during the summer months to create a fresh look. Lipsticks, concealer and foundation are usually purchased more in the winter.

A report from CEW UK suggests that women in the UK spend around £185, 000 each on beauty products throughout their lifetime. So stocking your inventory with these items can be very profitable – why not start looking for relevant wholesale suppliers today?

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