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The cosmetics industry is booming and is never more popular than it is during the festive period. So if you are looking to give your wholesale business a boost this winter then you need to look at stocking cosmetics and beauty products ahead of the party season rush.

The cosmetics industry is worth a whopping £1bn in the UK and is still growing so it is a very lucrative market for wholesale buyers to target. Although they are extremely popular during Christmas, cosmetics are also needed all year round so if you are looking for a product you can market throughout the year, this is one of them.

Cosmetics can be bought in most high street stores but with Christmas approaching many consumers will be looking for branded goods to give as gifts. Branded products are usually highly priced in high street stores and so consumers search online and visit sites like eBay in search of the best deal. They usually do this weeks before Christmas too so now is the time to contact wholesale suppliers and to start stocking up your inventory with wholesale cosmetics and makeup.

Cosmetics to look out for include foundation, bronzer, blusher, lipstick and mascara. Other beauty products, like moisturiser, are also popular purchases throughout the year. Popular names in the cosmetic industry include MAC, Dior, Smashbox and Bobbi Brown. There are some big profits to be made – the Wholesale Scout team has found a wholesaler offering MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder at £9 per item – its retail price is £20.

We have a number of wholesale suppliers who can provide stock like this so register if you want to boost your business.

Tip: Pampering products like bath salts can also be found at competitive prices and sold on with a healthy profit margin. We have a wholesale supplier who can supply these products at attractive prices so try contacting them today.

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