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Using Newsletters to Promote Your Wholesale Business

There are a variety of ways you can promote your wholesale business, products and services. Sending out newsletters is a popular choice – here’s how it can help you grow your wholesale business.

Newsletters can be sent via email or by post and they are usually a one to two page document designed to inform, entertain and (hopefully) sell to exisiting and new customers. Newsletters can be sent as regularly as you like but most are sent quarterly. Here’s how they can help your business.

Update Your Client Base

To keep your client base happy you need to keep them up to date with developments – from new products you have to new prices. Sending a newsletter can help you do this as you can make your current customers aware of any changes. Regularly communicating with your customers will make them feel special and appreciated and it can help to build brand loyalty. If one of your customers is looking for a new product and isn’t aware you are now stocking it, they may go to your competitor! So it’s in your interest to keep them updated.

Promote Offers

Newsletters can help you to promote new offers including bulk purchase items and price slashes. It’s one of the quickest and most cost effective ways of promoting new offers and services.

Build Your Brand

Designing a good-looking newsletter is essential if you want to build brand credibility and loyalty. If you send out a newsletter that looks like spam and doesn’t give any valuable news, then it could damage your wholesale business. Ensure you spend time designing the newsletters and make each one different. Customers want to see new content!

Gain New Customers

If you have an exceptional deal to offer your customers then it’s likely they will pass this on to other industry contacts and it can lead to you winning new business. Newsletters are easy to pass on and therefore they can be a great way of networking. Just like networking with wholesale suppliers to gain the best deals, you need to network with your customers to grow your business!

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