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Get Wii-Fit for Christmas

As a retailer it’s never too early to begin thinking about the Christmas market. Demand is so high at this time that the market has the ability to revive products that were previously thought to be a wholesale no-no. Virtually every year there are several products that become out of stock, in turn that drives up the prices of the retailers (and wholesalers) that do have the final few units and ensures some healthy Yule-tide profits for many consumer orientated businesses. It is with this in mind that the research team at brings its members September’s Product Review featuring Nintendo’s highly popular Wii-Fit Board and game package and where to source it at a profitable wholesale price.

We know what you’re thinking – the Wii-Fit is old-hat right? The market peak for this product has already been and gone….. Wrong! The Wii-Fit may not be the newest item in the console sector but it is highly popular and as the Wii platform attracts more and more board based games it is becoming even more popular with gamers. Although Nintendo’s Wii had been on the market for over a year it was one of Christmas 2008s best selling products with many retailers running out of stock by early December. We anticipate that this will be the case this year for the Wii’s most popular accessory – the Wii-Fit Board and Game package. With many retailers expected to run out of stock prices will only be going up and the lucky re-sellers that have Yule-tide stock can expect to receive the full RRP from their willing shoppers! No more competition head-aches based around cutting your margins!

The key to making the maximum profit out of a seasonal opportunity such as this is your supplier. We know our members need the cheapest priced reliable wholesaler to ensure they maximise this market opportunity however sometimes the perfect supplier doesn’t come from a conventional wholesale route. Here’s where fallen retail giant Woolworths comes in. Their online electrical store was saved during their liquidation and is currently offering the Wii-Fit package for the unbelievable price of £51 delivered! With an RRP of £69.99 retailers can certainly expect to achieve at least a £15 profit per unit during the build up to Christmas. Judging on current retail statistics and the predicted Christmas rush most small online retailers can be expected to sell up to 200 Wii-Fits during November and December via eBay and well advertised e-commerce sites– this level of sales could net you £3000 profit! Don’t miss out on this profitable opportunity and place your wholesale order with Woolworth’s Entertainment without delay.

Supplier Price: £51.47

Expected Sale Price: £69.99

Profit per Unit: £15
Up to 200

Units: >£3000

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