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Time to Cash in on HD LCD TVs

The digital television age is upon us, analogue television broadcasts ceased earlier this year and the market for retailing HD Ready digital products is currently at its peak. Most UK residents are looking to replace all their old analogue TVs with HD Ready counterparts, so although the market is bulging with competitors (especially via online sales) there is still a very high demand for the high specification branded items.

To enable our members to capitalise on this market sector our research team has sought out a new supplier who has a batch of products available that would form perfect stock for the opportunistic re-seller. This Wholesale Scout TV wholesaler currently has 300 refurbished units available of the highly popular Samsung SM933HD 19” LCD TV complete with one year manufacturer’s warranty. These items retail at £199.99 and are available from our supplier at just £125 per unit. Traders should be aware that there is a minimum order and this is dependent on your payment terms, order frequency and general stock requirements. Please contact this supplier today if you are interested in procuring this stock as supply is strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis! Be sure you don’t miss out on this great money making opportunity.


Samsung SM933HD LCD TV (Refurb.)

RRP £199.99

Our Supplier: £125

PROFIT: £74.99 (per unit)

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