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Clearance Wholesale Video Games – Call of Duty Black Ops & Fifa 12

The video games market is an ultra competitive sector and for good reason with the market in the UK worth a staggering £5bn per year there are plenty of consumers out there looking to spend their hard earned cash on the latest game. This is also a notoriously tough market area to find wholesalers in with many of the top software developers distributing strictly to established businesses on a wholesale basis it can be very difficult for a new trader to achieve realistic wholesale prices or even a trade supply contact at all.

With the aim of helping our user base find to a video games wholesaler and the impending release of big name games such as Call of Duty Black Ops and Fifa 12 in mind the Wholesale Scout research team got to work making enquiries amongst the trade.

Via some extended contacts our researchers found a Playstation 3 video games wholesaler that could indeed supply a range of the latest games including Call of Duty Black Ops, Fifa 12 and Dance Star Party at extremely competitive prices allowing for great profits on eBay or via other re-selling mediums! Check out the full details for some great video game profit potential:



Wholesale Unit Price

Re-Sale Price

Potential Profit Per Order

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 for PS3




FIFA 12 for PS3 £28



Dance Star Party for PS3




Call of Duty Black Ops for PS3 £17



All prices correct at the time of publishing, profit figures based on the minimum order quantity with this supplier which is 10 units.

Get in touch with this video games wholesaler today and benefit from some of the cheapest wholesale prices around!

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