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Video Games – Anticipate the Demand and Supply It

Video gaming a multi-billion pound industry which is constantly evolving and growing. That evolution and growth has meant that anyone looking to consistently make money in the sector has also had to grow and evolve or get left behind, it’s not an industry you can break into easily but with the right product at the right time it’s possible to cash in. It’s all about spotting a potentially popular product and supplying the demand.

At WholesaleScout we believe there is such an opportunity arising this month with the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto IV or GTA IV as it will most probably become known. The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the most popular video games ranges of all time collectively selling over 70 million copies across all platforms since the release of the first game on the original PlayStation eleven years ago. It’s widely tipped that the latest version of GTA could be the most successful of all time as it’s the first to be specifically designed for the newest generation of games consoles the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 giving the opportunity for never seen before effects and game-play. The publishers behind the game, Rockstar North, are also planning on launching their biggest ever advertising campaign to push the game as much as possible with extensive TV, press and internet marketing planned the game is a sure fire hit.

We believe WholesaleScout users can grab a piece of the games’ success by organising a supply line now with a view to selling as many as possible from the release date, April 29th, onwards. The game can be supplied by a couple of our approved wholesalers whom can be found in our Supplier Directory outfits such as (Register Now to Display These Supplier Details) have a proven track record in supplying the latest games at great prices. In order to ensure you make a decent level of profit you will need to order at least 50 units which should see you buying at around £31 per unit. Overall you are looking at over £1500 worth of investment in stock (at the very least) but you will be able to sell each unit for £39.99 or more which would see a return of over £500. Obviously the more units you buy in the more profit you will make and don’t be worried that you’ll overstock and be left with dozens of games no-one wants….

This is GTA IV, one of the most highly anticipated video games of all time. Gamers will be squabbling over the first few million copies, so much so, that in the first few weeks you’ll see many games listed on eBay going for well above the market value. This is where the clever part comes in. Once you’ve arranged your supply at a price you are happy to pay and believe will be profitable you need to capitalise on the demand for this highly popular game. So our advice would be to, certainly in the first few weeks, list the games on eBay with little (or preferably no) reserve by doing this you will be tapping into those buyers who want the game as soon as possible. Bidding wars will be highly likely and when the first few high street shops run out of stock you’ll notice even more demand and even higher prices for your product. However by selling your items in this way you obviously run the risk of making minimal profit or losing money – so you must be prepared for this to happen and when it does judge whether it’s best to turn to Buy it Now auctions with a set price. This point may come after two weeks or two months but when it does you must be prepared to adapt to continue to make a profit.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a passion for video games or even just a passion for money making you can’t ignore this opportunity. Take up the GTA challenge and let us know how the project goes. Good luck and happy re-selling!


  • Highly anticipated product
  • Highly marketed by the publishers
  • Demand likely to out-strip supply
  • Likely purchase price £31.00
  • Likely sale price £39.99
  • Profit per unit £8.99

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