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Xbox One Launches

Following the unveiling of Microsoft’s latest games console, the Xbox One, the Wholesale Scout team have been searching for some of the best wholesale bargains around for gaming enthusiasts.

Microsoft has just previewed its latest Xbox offering, its first new games console in eight years. The new console, the Xbox One, sees more media features added including greater interaction with televisions, the ability to respond to voice and gesture commands and the console will also be able to interact with Skype and make video calls.

Although this new console isn’t available to consumers until the end of the year, there are still plenty of other games consoles that remain popular with both retailers and consumers that can be sourced all year round. The Nintendo Wii is a popular console, aimed at families and the female gaming market. With many people still sticking to get fit resolutions, the Wii Fit is still a lucrative add on to the console too and could help your wholesale business boost sales this summer.

Other games consoles that are popular with consumers include the Playstation, Xbox and handheld gaming consoles like the PSP. As well as consoles, consumers buy gaming accessories all year round including games, controllers and additional equipment like the Xbox Kinect.

The gaming market is worth around £5bn in the UK per year – a huge market that your reselling business could have a part of.

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