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wholesale fruit and veg

More and more market stalls appear to be popping up in town centres, selling fresh fruit and vegetables – and this is something that could be profitable for your wholesale business too.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are popular at this time of year. The sun has finally come out in some parts of the UK and so consumers search for produce to make fruit salads, salads and summer meals. With many people also planning summer holidays, there will certainly be a lot of consumers looking for healthy meal alternatives.

The team at Wholesale Scout have been searching for wholesale suppliers that can offer fresh produce at competitive prices to help you boost both your sales and profits. The team have found a number of wholesalers including wholesale health food suppliers. There are also a number of healthy cook books on the site that could be worth investing in.

On average, a family of four in the UK will spend £155 a week on food – and there are so many products to purchase. Canned goods, drinks, snacks, sweets, fruit and vegetables are all purchased in supermarkets. Many consumers visit market stalls for more specialised food products like eggs, fresh meat and vegetables and pick ‘n’ mix sweets.

If you are wondering what to stock up on this summer, then consider contacting some of these food suppliers who can supply these products at cheap prices.

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