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Many consumers will be heading on holiday in the next few months and so for your wholesale reselling business, this presents plenty of profit making opportunities.

Last year over 13 million people traveled abroad during July and August to escape the cold weather in the UK. Campsite bookings in some parts of the UK were also down 20% due to more people looking for holidays abroad.

So this year, as the weather has been fluctuating, record numbers could leave UK shores again and for wholesale buyers this presents some lucrative buying opportunities. When consumers travel abroad there are a variety of items that are searched for and some can be easy to store and can be sold all year round. The majority of items can be found on the high street but with many consumers looking to save pennies, many search online for holiday products.

So whether you are selling online via your own website or using eBay or Amazon, this is a market worth exploring. Holiday essentials include flip flops, sun cream, hats, sunglasses, beach towels, suitcases, travel bags, travel shower accessories, swimwear and clothing. All of these products will be searched for and so if you want to give your reselling business the opportunity to make some healthy sales this summer it could be worth investing in some holiday essentials.

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