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Ex-High Street Fashion Clothing can create big Wholesale Profits

Branded and ex-high street/chainstore clothing is a perennial seller with a large and consistent customer base always looking to update their wardrobes with new fashion styles. Recent reports show that over £15 billion a year is spent on clothes by UK shoppers with how they look and what brand they are being the major factors in a consumer’s selection process. With such a large market that supports fairly steady year round sales it’s no surprise that we at receive many requests from our members to put them in touch with the best clothing wholesalers.

It was with these requirements in mind that the Wholesale Scout research team set to work on unearthing some incredible deals in the ex-catalogue clothing sector that could allow our members to stock branded and high street named clothing which would attract customers and would have the potential for healthy re-sale profits.

After several enquiries to ex-chainstore clothing suppliers our researchers found great wholesale deals on ex-store clothing from Next, Hollister, Jane Norman, Republic and Victoria’s Secret. Check out the deals below and see how much profit you could make!



Wholesale Price

RRP Per Unit

Potential Profit Per Pack

Hollister Ladies Summer Top

£42.48 (inc VAT)
Pack of 12 Tops
£3.54 / Item


£50 + (at £7.95 per unit)

Victoria’s Secret T-Shirts

£36 (inc VAT)
Pack of 12 Tees
£3 / Item


£47 + (at £6.95 per unit)

Assorted Kookai Jeans

£72 (inc VAT)
Pack of 12
£6 / Item


£240 (at £26 per unit)

ASOS Ladies Trousers

£43.20 (inc VAT)
Pack of 8
£5.40 / Item


£75 + (at £15 per unit)

Republic Lace Dress

£39.60 (inc VAT)
Pack of 6
£6.60 / Item


£50 (at £15 per unit)

All prices correct at the time of publishing.

As you can see from the sample products listed in the table above this branded clothing wholesaler can provide top quality branded items at wholesale prices which allow you to provide your customers with a great bargain whilst maintaining a great profit margin. Get in touch with this supplier today to check out these deals and more.

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