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Money to be made from Ex-High Street Retail Clearance and Refurbished Brand Products

So the leading UK economists believe we may just be entering a double-dip recession and the over-hanging fact that VAT rises to 20% in the New Year means that the pessimists among us may think it’s looking bleak for retailers and re-selling traders. Those individuals should think again. If you look hard enough there is always an area where profit can be made from buying wholesale goods and it was with this theme in mind that enabled our dedicated research team to compile some wholesale buying information on ex-high street, refurbished and branded ex-retail store products for our members.

Demand for branded products is always going to be fairly high in the retail sector with most consumers that are spending money preferring to go with the reliability and image of a branded product. This means that if you can source a branded item, in any sector be it household appliances or audio visual electronics, you’ll have no problem retailing it to the general public. The difficulty is finding these branded items at a low wholesale price. Our research staff then spent their time searching for cheap sources of brand name clearance or refurbished products that could be bought at a fraction of the retail value and sold on at a healthy margin often with 6 months or more manufacturer’s warranty enabling traders to sell to their buyers with confidence.
Once our staff had found some sources of clearance and refurbished products from top brands such as Garmin, Hitachi, JVC, Apple, Delonghi, Hotpoint and Bosch plus many more they set about highlighting some of the most profitable deals for our members:


Product Retail Value Supplier Price Potential Profit/Unit
Proline Twin Screen Portable DVD Player £99.99 £69 £30.99
Apple iPod Touch 8GB £152 £130 £20
Bosch Frost-Free Fridge Freezer £799 £290 £509
Candy 1400 Spin Washing Machine £369 £195 £174
Factory Refurbished Garmin Nuvi 200 Sat Nav £119 £68 £51
Refurbished Ferguson 24” 1080p HD LCD TV £229 £162 £67

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