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A perennially popular product alcohol, in the form of lager, beer, wines, liquors or spirits, will always be a consistent seller for retailers. However in the run up to Christmas and New Year there is always a surge of sales in this sector as people plan for their parties and stock up on alcoholic drinks for the festive party season. This is also a crucial time for the beverage companies as they vie against each other for market share with some very inviting promotions making their products an even more attractive proposition for consumers and in turn traders looking to grab a piece of this lucrative market sector worth over £30bn a year.

With this in mind the research team set about the task of finding the best UK wholesale suppliers in this sector able to sell cut price beers, wines and spirits to help our members to profit from this sector. After some extensive enquiries our research team found a drinks and food produce wholesaler with branches nationwide dealing in all the major brands in this sector and offering seasonal promotions to help traders attract more sales.

The brands they can supply at cheap wholesale prices include; Carlsberg, San Miguel. Stella Artois, Budweiser, Jack Daniels, Absolut Vodka, Gordon’s Gin, Malibu, Black Tower, Bell’s Whisky, Blossom Hill plus many more. Some items offer more than a 30% profit margin which is fantastic in this sector and should really see your profits soaring. Here’s just some of the profitable deals offered by this recommended wholesaler;


Wholesale Price

Retail Promotion Price

Profit Per Order


Black Tower Rose 75cl


£18.99 (6x75cl)


£29.94 (£4.99/Unit)




Absolut Vodka 70cl


£62.99 (6 x 70cl)


£89.94 (£14.99/Unit)




Bacardi Breezer 70cl


£10.39 (6 x 70cl)


£17.94 (£2.99/Unit)




Fosters 4x500ml


£13.99 (6x4x500ml)


£23.10 (£3.85/Unit)




Peroni 4 x 330ml


£16.99 (6x4x330ml)


£26.94 (4.49/Unit)




Olde English Cider 3LTR


£9.99 (4 x 3LTR)


£17.40 (£4.35/Unit)



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